Volume 10, No.2

Winter 1995/1996

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  • Crossing Boundaries of Difference

    Enriching Classrooms Via the Internet

    By Bob Peterson

    A review of “Brave New Schools: Challenging Cultural Illiteracy Through Global Learning Networks”

  • Is Whole Language Doomed

    Right Wing Attacks Yet Another Reform

    By Harvey Daniels

    Six years after whole language was implemented statewide in California, plunging test scores resulted in a new back-to-basics curriculum — so the story goes. But what really happened in California?

  • Free the Internet!

    Knowledge Is More than a Commodity

    Knowledge is more than a commodity.

  • Wisconsin Welcomes the Wild West

    New legislation prohibits local governments from enacting gun control ordinances that are stronger than state regulations.

  • Lessons of Chile’s Voucher Reform

    Inequality Increased, Test Scores Did Not Improve

    By Martin Carnoy

    A professor of education and economics takes a good look at Chile’s voucher program. This well-developed, long-standing program makes it clear that voucher plans increase inequality without making schools any better

  • Telling the Truth of the Middle Passage

    An Interview with Tom Feelings

    Tom Feelings discusses his book The Middle Passage” — a book of narrative paintings that portray the nightmarish journey of enslaved Africans from their homes to the Americas.”

  • An International Proverbs Project

    Using Telecommunications to Investigate Folklore

    Spanish-English bilingual students use computer networks to explore together the proverbs and folklore of their cultures.

  • Whites Get a Pass on Race Issues

    By Derrick Z. Jackson

    The media free white people of responsibility for working to cross the racial divide. No pollster ever asked, “Is David Duke a good role model for white youth?”

  • Dumb Kids, Smart Kids, and Social Class

    Memories of sixth grade are reflected in today's realities

    By Bill Bigelow

    A teacher recalls his own experience of sixth grade along with the ways schools reinforce and legitimate social inequities.

  • We Had Set Ourselves Free

    Lessons on the Civil Rights Movement

    By Doug Sherman

    The experience of those whose everyday lives intersected with the Civil Rights Movement is a rich source for teaching about that era.

  • Conservatives Attack NEA over Gay Issues

    By Phyllis Sides

    The right-wing group Concerned Women of America claims the NEA is forcing a pro-homosexual program on children.