Volume 1, No.3

Spring 1987

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  • New Desegregation Trial Haunted by Old Problem

    By Bob Peterson

    The people of Milwaukee are now witnessing and financing a second trial concerning racial segregation in our schools. The charges; like those of the first trial, are serious. The costs, […]

  • Who’s Going to Pay for Our Schools?

    By David Weingrod

    What do Governor Tommy Thompson, Bert Grover, the Wisconsin Education Association and the Wisconsin Property Taxpayers Alliance all have in common? They all have plans to reduce homeowners burden of […]

  • At Risk Students: The Question is Why

    When over one thousand people gathered at Marshall High School in early April for the all-city conference. Educating At-Risk Students, two very different perspectives emerged. Much of the program that […]

  • Students Thrive on the Whole Books Approach

    By Flory Sommers

    As a teacher, are you notorious for giving books as Christmas and birthday presents? The gift of good literature is a tradition for many. If you count yourself among this […]

  • Cornerstone Youth Center: An Alternative to Fail

    “Proverbs says, ‘Where there is no vision the people perish.’ The Cornerstone Youth Center provides its students with a vision to work toward and a means to keep from perishing.” […]

  • M.P.S. Alternative Programs

    By Marty Horning

    Evan’s public high school experience had a rocky start. In his first semester at Bay View High School he was truant almost forty days, suspended half a dozen times, and […]

  • The Montessori Alternative: Reading Without the Basal

    By Ken Wald

    At MacDowell Montessori School, a public school in Milwaukee, children are learning to read with a Montessori approach to the teaching of language skills. We absolutely don’t need the basal […]

  • Milwaukee’s Students as “Crusaders for Justice”

    5th Annual King Writing Contest

    By Rita Tenorio

    ‘‘We should fight for what’s right but at the same time we should keep in mind our human dignity and carry peace in our hearts; that’s the way Martin Luther […]