Volume 1, No.2

Spring 1987

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  • Rethinking Testing

    Under the twin banners of “Back to the basics!” and “More accountability!” enthusiasm has grown across the country for standardized testing as a way to improve the schools. In the […]

  • Teachers Through History: The Myth of the Golden Age

    By Robert Lowe

    “He was tall, but exceedingly lank, with narrow shoulders, long arms and legs, hands that dangled a mile out of his sleeves, feet that might have served for shovels, and […]

  • Basal Adoption

    Make the Whole Book Approach a Real Choice

    It’s not often teachers are offered a free dinner. But that is just what basal textbook companies are offering in Milwaukee as they court teachers in anticipation of the upcoming […]

  • Final Applause for Stacy Vote for Mason

    Incumbent Doris Stacy brings to the race for the city-wide school board seat some strong credentials and positive contributions. But her present outlook and fourteen years history on the board […]

  • P-5 Legislation Foreshadows Ominous Trends in MPS Curriculum: An Anaylsis

    Last year when the State Assembly and Senate passed new legislation to give increased monies to certain Milwaukee elementary schools, few people realized the impact such a law would have […]

  • How Standardized is Standardized Testing?

    By Kenneth H. Wodtke

    Can standardized group tests of achievement or ability be administered to young children in a manner which yields meaningful and valid information? A growing body of research, including work by […]

  • Of Competencies and Calamities A Grim Fairy Tale

    By Cynthia Ellwood and David Levine

    Once upon a time in a great kingdom on a great lake, a tremendous clamour arose among the people. “Our schools,” they cried, “are not making the grade! Our children […]

  • Board Candidates Speak Out

    Gloria Mason Rethinking Schools: What do you see as the main problems facing the Milwaukee school system? If elected, how would you solve these problems? Gloria Mason: Despite Doris Stacy’s […]

  • Abolitionists Storm Milwaukee Jailhouse

    By Bob Peterson

    Teachers please note that the following story can be adapted for many uses in the classroom: an oral story presented to the students, a base o f information for the […]

  • What Standardized Tests Do Not Measure

    By Peter Murrell

    by Peter Murrell, J r. Performance on standardized tests has become the bedrock upon which most discussions about excellence in education have been built. The technology of standardized tests — […]