To Michelle

Donald P. Lankiewicz
Vice President and Editor-in-Chief
Social Studies
May 14, 2001

Dear Michelle,

Thank you for your recent letter regarding Harcourt Brace Social Studies United States. It is always a pleasure to hear from students and teachers using our textbooks.

The first issue you wrote about concerns the absence of the word “racism” in the text. While the word “racism” does not appear, the subject of unfair treatment of people because of their race is addressed on page 467 when segregation is explained. The topic is further explained in relation to the prejudice experienced by Asian, Mexican, and European immigrants on pages 495-498. There is also a discussion of civil rights on pages 624- 625 that talks about how people of all races should have equal job opportunities and equal rights under the law. So even though the word “racism” is not used in the text, the concept is addressed. I’m sure you will agree that is the most important thing.

The second issue you wrote about concerns that fact that some United States Presidents owned slaves. There are many facts about the presidents that are not included in the text simply because we do not have room for them all. I congratulate you and your classmates for doing independent research. Another source you may want to use is the Harcourt Learning Site at where you will find additional information on such topics as the Presidents, the Amistad case, and the new Georgia flag.

Again, thank you for writing to us. Best wishes for a successful conclusion to this school year.


Donald P. Lankiewicz