Strange Stuff 19.4

Public Schools Killed Terri Schiavo?

Marshall Fritz, president of the Fresno-based Alliance for the Separation of School and State, argues public schools have educated the rights and wrongs completely out of two generations of Americans. After watching the judicial system go “haywire” and “starve an innocent woman to death” during the Terri Schiavo case, Fritz spoke up about the lack of morality he finds apparent in public schools. He insists that teachers have been forced to abandon “universal morals” in order to teach without bias, and have left their students the belief that regular citizens are unable to govern themselves without relying on judges’ final verdicts.

Risqué Routines

Texas State Rep. Al Edwards has decided to do something to bump the grind out of high school cheerleading. He proposed a bill to prevent school cheerleading routines from becoming too provocative. Edwards says current performances go too far, and his constituents have started to complain. The bill would encourage school districts to limit the sexual nature of cheerleading routines at all school events.

Edwards also included a provision that would cut state funding for noncompliant schools, though he admits it is unlikely the provision will pass. Are “family friendly” Friday-night cheers the way of the future?

— Compiled by Amalia Oulahan