Not All Inequality Bother Bush

The Bush Administration has made “closing the achievement gap” a major political theme, linking it to national unity, American ideals, and even “the war on terrorism.”

But not all gaps bother President Bush. Below are recent figures showing gaps in wealth, home ownership, and health care in the United States. Bush has not made a priority of closing any of these gaps – and indeed his economic policies will likely widen each.

People without health insurance
Whites: 11% (21.4 million)
Blacks: 21.2% (7.5 million)
Hispanics: 33.4% (10.9 million)

Median Net worth (families)
Whites: $81,700
Blacks: $10,000
Hispanics: $3,000

Homeownership rates
Whites: 73.8%
Blacks: 47.6%
Hispanics: 46.3%

Sources: Edward N.Wolff, “Recent Trends in Wealth Ownership 1983-1998” (Levy Economics Institute, April 2000);
Bureau of Labor Statistics, 4th quarter, 2001; U.S. Census Bureau.