Man, I Feel Sorted

By Joey and Shar

I am a student who’s been sorted for what class I sit in  
I am a student who’s been sorted for what color my skin is  

Repeat two times. 

Ciarra: Man, I’ve been sorted  
Anthony: I know you have  

Repeat four times. 

Verse 1: I.B. Student  
I entered High School with a pro plan  
Took interest, got engaged in the I.B. program  
I am labeled one of massive intelligence  
For expectance, academic status relevant  
Expecting challenging work at Foss kid  
Surrounded by students the color of cotton  
Took courses to enable me for college  
Became something high-tech like a marine biologist  
Colleges want me all across the U.S.  
Scholarships left, right just waiting for that group test  
G.P.A. strong like metal  
Difference between you and I, I’m held at a higher level

Repeat chorus. 

Verse 2: Non-I.B. Student  
I entered High School with no plan  
Didn’t test denied access to the I.B. program  
So I’m told my brain can’t learn nothing  
Labeled one who’s worthless, won’t amount to nothing  
It’s something, being handed assignments of low-class  
They probably think I’m gonna mow lawns and poke trash  
Or end up dealing drugs and smoke crack  
Work isn’t challenging, so I spent time, and wrote raps  
Oh snaps! I hope the works gets better  
Wanna go to college, 1st need a recommendation letter  
Future depends on what my transcript says bro  
I.B. or not, we all know what’ll look better

Repeat chorus. 

Verse 3: Black Student 
Cause of my dark skin, they don’t expect nothin’ big  
We’re only good for athletics, they expect us running sprints  
Labeled one who shouldn’t run for president  
Required to stay out of office, cause my nation hesitant  
My intelligence better then they assume  
It’s forbidden for my brain to miss a day in a classroom  
It’s not bad dude, my pants sag too  
Judged incorrectly if I roc’ a doo rag and a tattoo  
Trying to make it far, undergo low mileage  
Cause blacks were the leading cause of most violence  
African youth silence, we need teens to talk  
Cause for the black race first impressions mean a lot

Repeat chorus. 

Verse 4: White Student 
Considered superior I don’t need to pump hints  
Cause of my pale skin they expect something big  
Back in the crowd, sorted to run for president  
Prejudged of intelligence, without its proper evidence  
Society expectations crash on us  
It’s bad, some of the blacks they put they past on us  
Part of the country gotta put they cash on us  
Some hate to see our face in office, I wish it was a mask on us  
America’s always had them whites backing them  
But I’ve barely seen any Asians, Latinos, or Africans

Bridge: Repeat four times. 

Chorus: Repeat twice.