Book Review: Grub

By Ryan Zinn

Grub: Ideas for an Urban Organic Kitchen
By Anna Lappé and Bryan Terry
(Tarcher, 2006)
256 pp. $12.89

Very rarely does a book as complete and engaging as Grub: Ideas for an Urban Organic Kitchen make it to the mainstream. Grub, as defined by the authors, is “healthy, local, sustainable food for all … food that supports community, justice, and sustainability.” Blending a healthy mix of information, analysis, and scrumptious recipes, Grub is the ideal classroom companion for all things food. Part 1 is a well-written exposé of the industrial food complex, replete with revealing graphics and information. Part 2 features a diverse cookbook that champions seasonal and whole foods, from vegan to carnivorous options.

The most exciting part of Grub is its underlying objective: to build community around a just and sustainable food system. Grub provides a guide to throwing “grub parties,” complete with recipes and discussion guides, making this book a fantastic catalyst for taking the next step in rescuing our food system. Find out more about Grub and grub parties at

Ryan Zinn ( is the national campaign coordinator for the Organic Consumers Association,