The Climate Crisis Is Real and Young People Deserve to Know


Dear supporter of climate justice,

Like many of those in our global community, I was disgusted and outraged after listening to Donald Trump’s speech at the White House announcing the United States is pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord. What struck me was that Trump did not utter one word about the climate crisis that triggered the global commitment – however inadequate – to limit greenhouse gases. Nothing about the rising sea levels, the threat to global water supplies, the extinction of species, the loss of homes and livelihoods for millions of people, and countless other disasters on the horizon.


Trump represents the short-term interests of the fossil fuel industry. It was this same greed-soaked thinking that prompted the fossil fuel industry this spring to send climate denial textbooks to every science teacher in the country — courtesy of The Heartland Institute.

With your help, Rethinking Schools is defending the right of teachers to teach the truth about the enormity of the climate crisis. We are sending free copies of our book A People’s Curriculum for the Earth: Teaching Climate Change and the Environmental Crisis to teachers in six states. These states — Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Florida, Indiana, and Idaho — are the most vulnerable to fossil fuel-inspired legislation that seeks to deny the reality of the climate crisis. 

Will you help us get this important resource — A People’s Curriculum for the Earth in the hands of as many teachers as possible?


Your donation is a vote against Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Accord and a tangible action to battle the Koch-funded Heartland Institute’s attack on climate justice.

Please donate now so that we can get a copy of A People’s Curriculum for the Earth in the hands of as many teachers as possible.

In solidarity,
Bob Peterson
Board President, Rethinking Schools