Mexican Teachers Fight Corporate Reform

“What they’re doing to us is subtle genocide,” Euterio Garcia, an Indigenous teacher from Oaxaca, Mexico, told reporter Shirin Hess. “I am a bilingual teacher for Chinanteco and Spanish. I […]

Children Deserve Classrooms, Not Cages

The same mid-February weekend that Trump declared his manufactured emergency, I traveled to El Paso on behalf of the Massachusetts Teachers Association to take part in a “Teach-In for Freedom” organized by Teachers Against Child Detention. This event, among other demands, “called on the U.S. government to end the detention and criminalization of immigrant children and their families.”

The Teacher Uprising of 2018

They’re calling it the “Education Spring,” and what started in a rural county in southwest West Virginia has spread like wildfire and inspired teachers and other public sector workers across […]

Reining in Military Recruiting

In 2012, Kate Connell — a photographer with two children in the Santa Barbara public schools — learned that her son’s freshman seminar had a Marine recruiter as a guest […]