Confronting the Right-Wing Attacks on Racial Justice Teaching

Rethinking Schools Editors

As of the middle of August, more than two dozen states have introduced — and 11 states have enacted — bills or rules to restrict the teaching of history and […]

Education in South Africa: Challenging “Gutter Education”

William Bigelow

During the Soweto Uprising of 1976 hundreds of school children were killed by the South African police. Since that time, no struggle in South Africa has taken on greater prominence […]

Where I’m From

Inviting Students’ Lives into the ClassroomBy Linda Christensen I remember holding my father’s hand as he read my story hanging on the display wall outside Mrs. Martin’s classroom on the […]

The Attack on Anti-Racist Teaching Is an Attack on Environmental Justice Teaching

Bill Bigelow

In his magnificent new book, How the Word Is Passed, Clint Smith quotes the Rev. Dr. William Barber II: “The same land that held people captive through slavery is now […]

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Big Reactions to Small Steps

One Teacher’s Story About Using Inclusive Children’s Literature

Nettie Harrington Pangallo

Harrington Pangallo describes pushback for reading a book to answer a student question — “What does gay mean?” — and her response.

All our Kids Can Learn to Read!

Ideas for Teaching Reading to Hesitant High School Students

David Levine

By the time they reach seventh grade, many students dislike reading, read poorly, and do not have the comprehension and writing skills they need to do well in school. As […]

Should Children Read During Reading Instruction?

Whole Books vs. Basals

Bob Peterson

Yet the media do not focus on this dislike of reading instruction as they examine illiteracy in America, nor is this situation emphasized by government reports that expose how poorly […]

Inequality at Age 5?

Ken Wodtke

We often think of kindergarten as a moment in a child’s educational experience when that child is nurtured toward dramatic and rapid affective and intellectual growth. We picture it as […]

Maimed and Morbid Writing for Secondary Students

Karen Desotelle

“All right, class, I want you to write a 150 word theme on some aspect of Halloween. Be sure you are creative and interesting and use all your vocabulary words […]