Love, Solidarity, and Defiance: Healing Our Schools and Communities

the editors of Rethinking Schools

“I have students from multiple different cities and ages all over the place. I want all of those students to know that even if they’re from a marginalized group, or […]

What Makes a Baby, Really?

Co-Creating Inclusive Resources About Human Reproduction with Middle School Students

Lewis Steller

An 8th-grade teacher creates inclusive resources about human reproduction with his students.

Embracing Asylum-Seeking Students and Their Families

Juan P. Córdova

A 4th- and 5th-grade bilingual teacher details how the practice of home visits helped him connect with migrant students and families who were bused from Texas to New York.

Letter to My Asian American Students

Ken Hung

A high school social studies teacher critiques Asian Pacific American Heritage Month in a moving letter to his students.

The Growing Attack on Educators

Jesse Hagopian

A growing number of educators are being pushed out of the classroom for teaching about race or LGBTQ+ issues.

“Our Folks Were Badass!”

Learning and Dreaming in Basement

Sohyun An

Four Asian American middle school students connect and grow during the pandemic through a virtual book club focused on Asian American history and literature.

Fighting for LGBTQ+ Youth and Families

An Interview with Melissa Bollow Tempel

Jody Sokolower

Jody Sokolower interviews Melissa Bollow Tempel, the Wisconsin teacher — and former Rethinking Schools editor — fired for speaking out about her district’s decision to refuse to allow her 1st-grade students to sing “Rainbowland.”

The Heroes We Need Today: Teaching About the Radical Ida B. Wells

Matt Reed

A high school social studies teacher describes his mixer lesson in which students learn about the radical Ida B. Wells by taking on roles from various times in her life.

Cómo acoger a los estudiantes y familias en proceso de asilo

Juan P. Córdova

Las visitas al hogar son una práctica fundamental de mi labor como docente comunitario. Sin embargo, este año tuve una experiencia completamente diferente. Este año, todas las familias de los […]

How I Got Censored by a Southern California School District

By Wayne Au It was almost 7 p.m. when the text came in. “Hello Dr. Au. I’m the assistant superintendent of the District. I need to speak to you right […]