Volume 3, No.3

Spring 1989

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  • Making Connections: Challenges We Face

    By Cynthia Ellwood

    As teachers, we know our job will never be a science, but a craft and an art that will forever demand that we stretch and grapple and grow in order […]

  • Half Million Standardized Tests Given To MPS Students

    By Bob Peterson

    Approximately 480,000 standardized tests were administered to students in the Milwaukee Public Schools this year, de­spite a decision by the School Board to cut in half the number of kindergarten […]

  • Militarism and Milwaukee: Let Them Hold A Bake Sale To Build Bombers

    In the previous issue of Rethinking Schools we called for a reappraisal of the federal military budget and noted its effect on the Milwaukee Public Schools. Today, with a serious […]

  • Differences in the Classroom; A Challenge for Democratic Educators

    By Williams Ayers

    Differences. Differences are all around us: different landscapes, different temperatures, diffe.rent routes, different tastes. Different people. When things are the same, we hardly notice. Sameness is flat, tedious, unremark­able. Differences […]

  • Fifth Graders Respond to a Changed Reading Program

    Cora Lee Five, a fifth-grade teacher, puts into practice innovative ideas gleaned from the work of other teachers and re­searchers. She realizes, however, that she must rely on her own […]

  • A Year in Review: Good Beginnings Need Grassroots Support and Direction

    When Dr. Robert Peterkin arrived in Milwaukee last August to take charge of the public schools he was greeted with nearly unanimous hope and high expectations. It looked like the […]

  • Rethinking Curriculum

    By David Levine

    The restless spirit of curriculum reform stalks the educational landscape. It is con­jured up from the cries of battle. weary teachers, from parents whose children aren’t learning, from business people […]

  • Testing Controversy

    One Teacher’s Story

    By Erik L. Paulsen

    Great controversy is erupting in my el­ementary school as my new principal shares her views on standardized testing. Fundamental  differences of opinion are apparent between her and the majority of […]