NAFTA Role Play Follow-up Research Handout

  1. List the title, date, and abbreviation you’ll use to reference each reading:
  2. According to the articles, what are the effects of NAFTA on:
    • jobs in the United States
    • jobs in Mexico
    • wages in the United States
    • wages in Mexico
    • the power of workers and unions
    • the power of corporations
    • the environment
    • the health of Mexican workers
    • land ownership in Mexico, especially for small farmers
    • migration from Mexico to the United States
  3. Based on the articles that you read, explain who you think are the main winners of NAFTA and who you think are the main losers of NAFTA. Cite your sources.
  4. On a separate sheet, choose two passages from each article that you read and write a reaction to them. What do you find confusing, interesting, delightful, outrageous, sad, funny, curious ….?
  5. List at least five questions that you still have about NAFTA and “free trade”. Cite specific questions from the articles, if you like.

Last Updated Spring 2006