Asian American Curriculum 83 W. 37th Ave., San Mateo, CA 94403. 800-874-2242; fax: (650)357-6908.e-mail: An extensive catalog of resources and services that underscore the importance and diversity of the Asian-American experience. Books for students of all ages.

Center For Media 4727 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 403, Los Angeles, CA 90010. 800-226-9494;fax: 213-931-4474. e-mail; A catalog that offers educators and parents a means of evaluating, understanding, and challenging our media culture. It contains literacy workshop kits, videos, books, guides and other resources designed to help parents and teachers through the media maze.

The National Women’s History Project 3343 Industrial Dr., Suite 4, Santa Rosa, CA 95403. (707) 838’6000;fax: (707) 838’0478 e-mail: A non-profit distributor of multicultural, women’s history books, CDs, videos, posters, and curricula. The Learning Place page features teaching ideas and info at

Network of Educators on the Americas (NECA) ‘ see Teaching for Change, below.

Northern Sun 2916 E. Lake St., Minneapolis, MN 55406-2065. 800-258-8579;fax: 612-729-0149. e-mail: A distributor of valuable resources on environmental, gay/lesbian, multicultural and feminist themes. Beautiful, classroom-friendly posters.

Syracuse Cultural P.O. Box 6367
Syracuse, NY 13217. 315-474-1132; fax (toll-free): 877-265-5399.e-mail: A long-time distributor of multicultural, social justice resources, including the Peace Calendar that should adorn all classrooms.

Teaching for Change P.O. Box 73038, Washington, D.C. 20056-3038; 800-763-9131, fax:202-238-0109 The most comprehensive catalog of social justice, multicultural teaching resources available. Indispensible.