Table of Contents – “Rethinking Globalization”

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Legacy of Inequality: Colonial Roots
The Global Economy: Colonialism Without Colonies
Poverty and World Wealth
Global Sweatshops
Kids For Sale: Child Labor in the Global Economy
Just Food?
Culture, Consumption and the Environment
Final Words


Bill Bigelow teaches social studies at Franklin High School in Portland, Oregon, and is an editor of Rethinking Schools. He is author of Strangers in Their Own Country: A Curriculum on South Africa, and (with Norm Diamond) The Power in Our Hands: A Curriculum on the History of Work and Workers in the United States. With Bob Peterson he edited Rethinking Columbus: The Next 500 Years. 

Bob Peterson teaches fifth grade at La Escuela Fratney, a twoway bilingual public school in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He is a founding editor of Rethinking Schools, and is a frequent writer and speaker. He co-edited (with Bill Bigelow) Rethinking Columbus: The Next 500 Years and (with Michael Charney) Transforming Teacher Unions: Fighting for Better Schools and Social Justice. In 1995 he was selected as Wisconsin Elementary Teacher of the Year. 


Poem: Questions from a Worker Who Reads
by Bertolt Brecht — 2
Introduction: Why We Wrote This Book | pdf — 3
“Is This Book Biased?” — 5
Rethinking Our Language — 6
How To Use This Book — 8
Globalization: A View from Below — 9
by Jean-Bertrand Aristide
Globalization Myths — 14
Planting Seeds of Solidarity — 18
by Bob Peterson
Rethinking Development — 29
by Teddy Goldsmith


Poem: Contribution to Our Museum — 32
by Marge Piercy
Introduction — 33
Colonialism: Before and After — 34
by Stephanie Kempf
Colonialism: The Building Blocks — 35
by Susan Gage and Don McNair
Burning Books and Destroying Peoples — 38
by Bob Peterson
1562: Conquistadores Destroy Native Libraries — 43
by Eduardo Galeano
The Coming of the Pink Cheeks — 45
by Chief Kabongo as told to Richard St. Barbe Baker
Song of Lawino: A Lament — 50
by Okot p’Bitek
A Small Place — 54
by Jamaica Kincaid
Poem: Gandhi is Fasting — 55
by Langston Hughes
Teaching Ideas — 56


Introduction — 63
Myths of Underdevelopment — 64
by Michael Parenti
Introduction to Inequality Activities — 68
by Bob Peterson
Poverty and World Wealth | .pdf — 69
by Susan Hersh and Bob Peterson
Building Miniature Houses — 71
by Bob Peterson
“The Word is Just” Cartoon — 73
by Bob Peterson
Debt and Disaster: Notes on Teaching the Third World Debt Crisis — 75
by Bill Bigelow
Who Are the World Bank and IMF? — 77
Debt: The New Colonialism — 78
by Jean Somers
“Structural Adjustment Policies”: Innocent Name, Deadly Consequences — 82
Stories of Debt and Hope — 83
The Kalinga Women Against the Chico Dam — 89
by Leticia Bula-at
The Marshalltezuma Plan — 93
by Cuaicaipuro Cuautémoc
Cancel the Debt — 94
Rethinking “Free Trade” and the World Trade Organization — 95
by Bill Bigelow
Dilemmas of Global Trade: Problem Solving — 98
by Bill Bigelow
“Ten Benefits of the WTO System” — 100
by the World Trade Organization
The WTO: Powerful, Secretive, Bad for Humanity, Bad for the Earth — 103
Ten Arguments Against the World Trade Organization — 105
Transnational Capital Auction: A Game of Survival — 108
by Bill Bigelow
Ten Chairs of Inequality — 115
by Polly Kellogg
“The Marines Have Landed” — 118
by Bob Peterson,
Poem: Arguments Against the Bombing — 122
by Lisa Suhair Majaj
Teaching Ideas — 123


Poem: Woman — 126
by Andrea Townsend
Introduction — 127
The Lives Behind the Labels — 128
by Bill Bigelow
Poem: The Stitching Shed — 133
by Tho Dong
Global Sweatshops: “Making a Difference” Project — 139
by Bill Bigelow
Clothes, Toys, and the World: Where Are Things Made? — 140
“A Trade Unionist Must Leave Her Fear Behind” — 142
by Yesenia Bonilla
The Story of a Maquiladora Worker — 146
by Omar Gil; interview by David Bacon
Poem: So Mexicans Are Taking Jobs from Americans — 149
by Jimmy Santiago Baca
What Happened to Carmelita — 150
by Naomi Klein
Just Do What? – Facts About Nike — 151
Poem: Two Young Women — 152
by Deidre Barry
Nike Code of Conduct — 153
Stepping Out — 155
by Bill Fletcher, Jr.
Poem: Psalm for Distribution — 156
by Jack Agüeros
Sweatshop Math — 157
by Bob Peterson
Sweatshops Are Us — 162
by JoAnn Lum
Made in the U.S.A. — 164
by Helen Zia
Poem: My Mother Who Came from China, Where She Never Saw Snow — 169
by Laureen Mar
T-Shirts for Justice — 170
by Arlen Benjamin-Gomez
Sweating the Small Stuff — 171
by Maria Sweeney
The People v. Global Sweatshops — 177
by Renée Bald and Amanda Weber-Welch
Teaching Ideas — 186


Poem: God to Hungry Child — 190
by Langston Hughes
Introduction — 191
Everywhere on Earth — 192
by Eduardo Galeano
Rethinking Child Labor — 194
by Beatrice Newbery
Child Labor: Pain and Resistance — 200
by Bob Peterson
Child Labor is Cheap – and Deadly: The Testimony of Augustino Nieves — 204
Fight for Child Workers! — 206
by Peadar Cremin
Declaration of the Rights of the Child — 208
Sawai’s Story — 210
Lewis Hine’s Photographs — 212
Poem: The Night Before Christmas — 214
A Child’s View of Exploitation — 215
by Augusto Boal
Fitting It All In – Student Clubs as an Option — 216
by Bob Peterson
Teaching Ideas — 217


Poem: Federico’s Ghost — 222
by Martín Espada
Introduction — 223
Stealing Nature’s Harvest — 224
by Vandana Shiva
“We Will Reduce Your Fields to Ashes” — 228
An Open Letter from Indian Farmers
The Parable of the Golden Snail — 230
by Peter Rosset
Genetically Engineered Foods: Changing the Nature of Nature — 232
by Martin Teitel and Kimberly Wilson
Nature is Not for Sale — 235
by Indigenous Peoples Organizations
The Mystery of the Yellow Bean — 236
by Sandy Tolan
Tomasito’s Tour: A Guide to America’s Food. — 240
Hunger Myths — 241
by Food First
Just a Cup of Coffee? — 243
by Alan Thein Durning
Facing the Farm Crisis — 245
by Steven Gorelick
Relocalization, Not Globalization — 248
by Vandana Shiva
Cebolleros — 250
by Benjamin Alire Sáenz
Poem: The United Fruit Company — 255
by Pablo Neruda
Teaching Ideas — 256


Introduction — 261
Global Warming: The Environmental Issue from Hell — 263
by Bill McKibben
Oil, Rainforests and Indigenous Cultures: A Role Play — 268
by Bill Bigelow
Mexican Peasant-Ecologists Fight to Preserve Forests — 280
Ecological Footprints — 283
by David Holtzman
Water, Water Everywhere? — 284
by the Turning Point Project, et al
Capitalism and the Environment: The Thingamabob Game — 287
by Bill Bigelow
TV and the Cloning of Culture — 292
by Jerry Mander & Charlene Spretnak
No TV Week – Critical Media Literacy — 296
by Bob Peterson
The Masks of Global Exploitation — 300
by Bill Bigelow
Critical Global Math Literacy — 306
by Bob Peterson
Rethinking Primitive Cultures: Ancient Futures and Learning from Ladakh — 308
by Bill Bigelow
Teaching Ideas — 316


Poem: The Low Road — 320
by Marge Piercy
Prayers for a Dignified Life — 321
by Subcomandante Marcos
Human Rights for a New Millennium — 323
by Eduardo Galeano
Kids Can Be Activists or Bystanders — 325
by Craig Kielburger
A Revolution of Values — 327
by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Defeating Despair — 329
by Bill Bigelow
Sheltering Hope — 339
by Eduardo Galeano
To Open a Crack in History — 342
by Katharine Ainger
Terrorism and Globalization — 346
by Bill Bigelow and Bob Peterson
Teaching Ideas — 349


Songs With A Global Conscience
by Bob Peterson — 352
Videos With A Global Conscience
by Bill Bigelow — 356
Books and Curricula for Global Justice — 370
Journals for Global Justice — 380
Organizations and Websites for Global Justice — 382