Special Education in Milwaukee Schools

Special Ed figures for MPS, Voucher schools, and City of Milwaukee and UWM charter schools

( 2002-03 )
( 2002-03 )
Milwaukee Public Schools97,293*16,02116%
Milwaukee Voucher Schools11,209Unknown**Unknown
City of Milwaukee Charters   
  Downtown Montessori5400%
  Darrell L. Hines Academy2221.4%
  Central City Cyberschool334154%
  YW Global Career Academy11643%
  Khamit Institute7811%
  UWM Charters   
  YMCA Youth Leadership Academy506265%
  Urban League Academy6826610%
  School for Early Development and Achievement311342%
  Milwaukee Academy of Science878748%
  Marva Collins Preparatory School of Wisconsin39041%
*Excludes 5,983 students in suburban schools under the Chapter 220 and Open Enrollment programs. Includes partnership, alternative, contracted and MPS charter schools.
**Private schools participating in the Milwaukee voucher program are not required to provide special education services or to publicly release information on the special education services they may choose to provide..

Special education data is from the Department of Public Instruction, available as a spreadsheet at http://www.dpi.state.wi.us/een/ccreports.html

Enrollment data is from the City of Milwaukee, UWM, MPS, and DPI..

Information on enrollment and percent special education for individual MPS schools (including charters, partnership and contract schools) is available for the 2001-02 school year from the MPS Office of Assessment and Accountability. The MPS website is: www.milwaukee.k12.wi.us.