Getting School Ready

My Social and Emotional Skills

  • I need to feel excited and comfortable about starting kindergarten.
  • I need to know what kindergarten will be like.
  • I need to feel good about myself.I need to get along with others.
  • I need to know how to talk with others and to listen.

How I Learn

  • I need to be excited about learning.
  • I need to learn to try things and keep trying even when it seems hard.
  • I need many ways to express myself.
  • I need to feel good about my family and culture, and to learn about other cultures.

Using Words and Numbers

  • I need to be familiar with words and books.
  • I need to know shapes, sizes, and colors.
  • I need to learn to count and understand that numbers have meaning.

Support My Family, Culture, and Language

  • I need my school to welcome my family.
  • My family and I want all the grownups at my school to know and respect my culture, my learning style, and my family’s needs.

Keep Me Safe and Healthy

  • I need to be safe and feel safe.
  • I need to have bathroom and self-help skills.
  • I need to be able to use my hands and fingers to do small tasks.
  • I need to be able to use my arms, legs, and body to make big movements.
  • I need to have my basic needs met before I come to school each day.

Communication Among the Grownups in My Life

  • My school experience will be best if my early childhood educators, kindergarten teachers, school staff, parents, and family members work together to help me learn.
  • I need my family to know what is happening at my school, what I am learning, and what I am expected to know.