Rethinking Multicultural Education 3rd Edition Named 2024 Skipping Stones Honor Award Winner

We are pleased to announce that Rethinking Multicultural Education 3rd edition is the winner of a 2024 Skipping Stones Honor Award for teaching resources. Wayne Au, editor of Rethinking Multicultural Education, expressed his appreciation, “Rethinking Multicultural Education has become a staple for teachers committed to justice in their classrooms, so I am honored that this book has been recognized by Skipping Stones.”

Skipping Stones wrote: “We are pleased to honor the following 28 outstanding books—in three categories: Multicultural, Nature, and Teaching Resources—as our 2024 Award Winners. These picture books, chapter books, novels and nonfiction works promote an understanding of cultures, cultivate cooperation, and/or encourage a deeper awareness of nature, ecology, and diversity. They foster respect for multiple viewpoints and closer relationships within human societies. The honored titles offer various perspectives, help us understand our diverse cultures and their histories, and how we overcome challenging situations. Hearty congratulations to the creators of these excellent books!”