Teach Palestine: A Rethinking Schools Webinar 

On May 15, we held a webinar on the spring issue of Rethinking Schools, Teach Palestine. Panelists offered stories, examples, and concrete strategies for teaching truthfully and critically about Palestine-Israel. At a time when the attack on social justice teaching has dramatically expanded as part of the crackdown on opposition to U.S. aid to Israel, it is essential that we support and learn from each other. See the video of the webinar below.

Panelists included:

Suzanna Kassouf teaches social studies in Portland Public Schools, is a 2024-2026 Zinn Education Project Prentiss Charney fellow, and is a co-founder Ceasefire Chorus PDX.

Nassim Zerriffi teaches history, current events and leads the activism project at Manhattan Country School. He also works with the New York Collective of Radical Educators where he co-led workshop series on Teaching and Organizing for Palestine as well as on combating Islamophobia.

Samia Shoman is a California native with Palestinian roots, and has dedicated the last 24 years of her career in public education to promoting racial and social justice in the classroom. She is the co-coordinator of Middle East Children’s Alliance’s Teach Palestine Project and has developed curriculum and published various articles focused on teaching Palestine.

Keziah Ridgeway is an award-winning educator, author, activist, mother, and wife born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is a member of the Racial Justice Organizing Committee, curriculum writer, professional development coordinator, and a 2020 Lindback Distinguished Teacher Award Winner.

Moderated by Rethinking Schools editor Jesse Hagopian.