The New Teacher Back-to-School Kit

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What’s inside the New Teacher Back-to-School kit?

The New Teacher Back-to-School kit is an introduction and an extension of the award-winning book, The New Teacher Book.

The Back-to-School kit combines excerpts from the book and new supplemental material, including:

  • Discussion Guide: This discussion guide is designed as a conversation starter and thought-provoker for groups and individuals studying The New Teacher Book. The guide has questions, ideas for action, and resources for further study.
  • Excerpts: Four thoughtfully selected chapters will introduce themes raised by the book and the dozens of educators who contributed to it. Includes: A Message from a Black Mom to Her Son by Dyan Watson and Authentic Assessments for Learning.
  • For the Classroom: Find adaptable strategies for teaching and a recording of contributors sharing stories and inspiration about how to infuse social justice ideas into classrooms, schools, and communities.

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