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Rethinking Our Classrooms, Volume 1 - Second Edition

Since the first edition was published in 1994, Rethinking Our Classrooms has sold over 180,000 copies. This revised and expanded edition includes new essays on: science...

Rethinking Our Classrooms Two Volume Set

Buy the combined set of the first and second volumes of this groundbreaking series for only $24.95. Packed with useful teaching ideas for kindergarten through college,...

Pencils Down

This powerful collection from the groundbreaking Rethinking Schools magazine takes high-stakes standardized tests to task. Despite overwhelming evidence that the tests are invalid ways to measure...

Rethinking Multicultural Education 2nd Edition

This new and expanded edition collects the best articles dealing with race and culture in the classroom that have appeared in Rethinking Schools magazine. With more...

Teaching for Black Lives

Teaching for Black Lives grows directly out of the movement for Black lives. We recognize that anti-Black racism constructs Black people, and Blackness generally, as not...

Rethinking Ethnic Studies

As part of a growing nationwide movement to bring Ethnic Studies into K–12 classrooms, Rethinking Ethnic Studies brings together many of the leading teachers, activists, and...

Articles Contributed
<p>Messing With Texas</p>
<p>Leaving Children Behind kicks up dust in the lone star state</p>
Teaching in Dystopia
Testing’s stranglehold on education
Neither Fair Nor Accurate
Research-based reasons why high-stakes tests should not be used to evaluate teachers
Racial Justice Is Not a Choice
White supremacy, high-stakes testing, and the punishment of Black and Brown students