Volume 10, No.3

Spring 1996

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    Conservatives Unite to Push Parental Rights Legislation – Listing of Conservative and Religious/Far Right Organizations – Listing of Progressive Groups Monitoring the Right Wing

  • School to Work

    Two years into Milwaukee’s School to Work program, observers wonder if it will stay true to its goal of putting student learning ahead of business interests.

  • Money Matters

    By Ron Unz

    For years, the Wisconsin tourism industry has pushed for a state law demanding that schools not begin until September. Backed by powerful lobbyists and a big bank account, it finally has its way.

  • Money Matters

    It is time demand adequate and equal resources for educating our children.

  • Stop the “English-Only” Nonsense

    English-only legislation is part of a broader upsurge in anti-immigrant attitudes.

  • School Facilities at Crisis Level

    Substandard school facilities across the country affect millions of children. A 1995 report estimates $112 billion is needed to bring those schools up to minimal standards.

  • MPS Pays for Facilities with Money Intended for Children

    Three years after the defeat of a $366 million school facilities referendum, MPS is struggling to creatively finance building maintenance.

  • English-Only Proposals Gain Strength

    English-only legislation is not new, but its resurgence is clearly connected to the growth of the conservative movement.

  • Thompson Undercuts Finance Equity

    Wisconsin’s new property tax relief plan created a new formula for school funding – one that will increase inequities between affluent and poorer school districts.

  • Why Is School Finance Equity Such an Elusive Goal?

    There are two stories to tell of school finance reform and the decades-old struggle to achieve funding equity. The bleak one is probably closer to the truth.

  • The Courage of Our Contradictions

    While charters have been championed by conservatives, charter schools may provide progressive educators with the opportunity to create innovative, high-quality public education.

  • One Charter School’s Story

    The teachers and working-class Latino parents at Jingletown, a charter junior high school, organize and negotiate.

  • Milwaukee Voucher Schools Close

    Mid-year closings leave students stranded, public concerned.

  • Madison Students Protest Sale of Pizza Hut at School

    In an act of international solidarity, students protested the sale of Pizza Hut pizza in their school cafeteria.

  • Creating Fiction and Mapping Morality

    The stories in A Call to Character, ed. by Colin Greer and Herbert Kohl, are a progressive answer to William Bennett’s Book of Virtues and a wonderful source of teaching ideas.