“What Kind Are You?”

Transgender Characters in Children’s Literature

Lora Worden

A school librarian describes children’s books with strong transgender characters and themes.

Standing Up for Tocarra

Tina Owen

When a homophobic minister preaches about the “sin” of a transgender student at her funeral, a teacher leads her students to focus instead on the beautiful spirit of the young woman they loved.

Protecting Trans Youth

Rethinking Schools Editors

The Right has declared war on trans youth. Recent headlines offer a sickening taste of what reactionary governors and state legislators have been cooking up in their laboratories of transphobic […]

Transsexuals, Teaching Your Children

Loren Krywanczyk

A middle-school teacher describes how he makes his classroom safe for broad discussions of gender identity and explains why anti-bullying curriculum isnt enough.

Beyond Magenta

Melissa Bollow Tempel

“You have got to come out here and see this!” That’s how a transgender student was introduced to her homeroom teacher at a high school in my district. When I […]

Civil Rights and Testing

Federal education policy is nominally focuses resources on the most needy. Thus the Title I program sends nearly $9 billion to schools with low-income children.

500 Square Feet of Respect

Queering a study of the criminal justice system

Adam Grant Kelley

Facing conflict fueled by racism and homophobia at his school, a teacher develops curriculum for the school-to-prison pipeline aimed at building bridges and academic skills.

Unmasking Patriarchy

Analyzing texts to identify oppression with high school students

Fayette H. Colón and Frankee Grove

Co-teachers help their students analyze texts to identify and discuss patriarchy and oppression.

As a Mom and a Teacher

Jody Sokolower

How can we support children who don’t feel comfortable identifying with the gender assigned to them at birth? I enter the discussion from two perspectives: first, as one of Ericka’s […]

Sex Talk on the Carpet

Incorporating gender and sexuality into 5th-grade curriculum

Valdine Ciwko

Instead of leaving “the puberty talk” to the nurse, an elementary teacher incorporates age-appropriate discussion into her regular classroom routine.

Can a 4-Year-Old Know Her Gender Identity? Yes.

The Importance of Supporting Gender-Expansive Students

Esperanza Anderson

“Do you feel like a boy?” “No, mom. I’m a girl.” My daughter’s statement could not have been more direct, honest, and clear. In that moment I glimpsed how deeply gender-expansive people feel who they are, no matter what society has labeled them as at birth.

How Google Classroom Erases Trans Students

Ty Marshall

There are so many voices right now grieving what we have lost with the school closure — our relationships with students and co-workers, the laughter and energy that echo down […]

Choreographing for Justice

Emily Todras

An elementary teacher helps her students express themselves about social justice issues like the murder of George Floyd and Black Lives Matter through movement and dance, and helps them see how dance can celebrate diversity.

Editorial: Queering Schools

The Editors of Rethinking Schools

How can we create classrooms and schools where discrimination and assumptions about gender and/or sexuality don’t keep us from nurturing every child, parent, and staff member?

“She’s For Real”

An eighth-grade teacher takes a deep breath, tells the truth, and comes out to her students.

Tracy Wagner

An eighth-grade teacher takes a deep breath, tells the truth, and comes out to her students.

Queer Matters

Educating educators about Homophobia

William DeJean, Anne Rene Elsebree

While we were excited to support the opening of the educational closet

Short Stuff 18.1

NAACP Sues Florida The NAACP filed suit in August against Florida’s education department, claiming that its grade-promotion standardized test (Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test, FCAT)) discriminates against Black students who lack […]